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Is God calling YOU to Serve?

We are consecrated women, unafraid of confronting the challenges encountered in the world of youth. Our simple but deep prayer life, strong community life, and youth-centered ministry give us the strength and energy we need to face these challenges. If you are discerning a vocation to religious life, consider joining us, the Salesian Sisters.

Vocation Discernment

In this step we recognize the importance of there being a formative contact for those young women who show greater interest in and have made a level of commitment to journeying towards Salesian religious life. This contact can be the Vocation Directress, a member of the Vocation Team, a member of a nearby community or a Sister, designated by the Provincial in communication with the Vocation Directress, who has agreed to provide a degree of accompaniment to the young woman. All throughout the journey of vocation discernment, the young woman, those in the formation pastoral, individual Sisters and the community must be open in the search for God’s will, whatever it may be. If you are interested in beginning the journey of vocation discernment with the Salesian Sisters, just click the button to the below for more information.

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Through a process of growing awareness of the call to follow Jesus in Salesian religious life, the young woman matures in her ability to answer God's call, in an ever more free and responsible way. This period of assessment and guidance, the foundations of the formative journey are established. This helps the young woman to assess her vocational choice and, through experience, to ensure that she possesses the qualities required to live Salesian life.

After dialogue with the guide and the provincial, who is responsible for acceptance into the Institute, the young woman can begin the journey that will lead her to better clarify her motivations and make a more conscious decision. The Institute offers the young woman, who has decided to begin her journey in religious life, the possibility of contact with the Salesian charism in one of its communities.


The postulancy is a period of preparation for the novitiate. It is a preliminary stage, not merely one of transition. It has its own form and consistency within the formation journey, as a more structured and committed stage than the previous one. The formative process of this stage aims at ensuring a deeper vocational experience and takes a more explicitly charismatic form.

During postulancy the young woman, while deepening her awareness of God's call, is accompanied in the challenging journey that will bring her to make, gradually but decisively, those indispensable evangelical choices, which will enable her personal encounter with Christ to be more profound and her dedication to the mission among young people more committed.


During the novitiate the young woman learns what it means to live as an FMA in the spirit of the Covenant, following Christ according to the charismatic identity outlined in the Constitutions. With the help of the community and of the formator, the novice reaches a deeper awareness of the vocational experience of St. John Bosco and St. Mary Domenica Mazzarello, and internalizes Gospel and Salesian values, gained especially from the life-witness that she experiences.

The central experience for the young woman is that of following Jesus and of understanding its practical implications for her life. It involves a deep and transforming relationship with God, conforming herself to Christ, to the point of living and acting like Him, in docility to the Spirit. This implies making Christ the center of her life and devoting herself totally to His love.

The novice experiences community in everyday life, through mutual relationships in the Family Spirit and a more active and responsible involvement in the mission.

Profession of Vows

After adequate discernment, and towards the end of the second year of novitiate, the Novice who desires to pronounce first vows makes a written application asking to be admitted to profession.

The years between first profession and the definitive yes to God are characterized by a new kind of life-plan. The temporary professed, now more directly involved in the educative mission, is called to be more autonomous and responsible. She develops a deeper conviction that consecrated life is characterized by the total gift of self to the God of the Covenant, in whom fidelity to the call is rooted.

The young FMA is called to take her life in hand and go beyond what is easy and familiar, to take the risk of autonomy. She gradually learns to entrust herself to the God who continues to accompany her through people and events. This period is crowned with Perpetual Profession.