Fake News or Truth By Sr. Rosann Ruiz, FMA
March 17, 2020

This Is the Day


A Statement in Defense of ALL LIFE MATTERS

The Salesian Sisters of Mary Immaculate Province, are a community of religious women dedicated to respond to the profound hopes of youth. We are committed to educating youth to speak out and proclaim what they believe and protest what is unjust. We stand with our nation that takes pride in being a country that promotes freedom. The death of George Floyd has set into motion a wave of peaceful protest and at the same time a whirlwind that has swept across the world that is sick in body and troubled in soul. This does not represent America. Some forces have tried to unleash a pandemic of their own with violence, chaos and the brutalizing of human dignity. Together with our youth, we know that violence does not have the power; violence does not have the last word. Those who come to the side of their brother and sister to comfort and help to clean up the mess have the power!

So many are at a breaking point, the landscape of schools, shops, places of work have completely changed. People are out of work and running out of hope. Over and over we hear it said that life will not be the same, it will be different. How different? That is up to us! We know the answer.

This is the day for us to say that we cherish justice, peace and truth. We know that order and peace will be born from reconciliation. Violence will dissolve with contrition, forgiveness, and the power of God’s merciful love. We are committed to teaching our youth responsibility and that we are responsible to the extent that we have not asked for forgiveness or generously offered it. We are responsible for what we cultivate in our hearts and our households which flows out into our streets. We need to turn to the God Who made all of us in His image and likeness, and Who knows us better than we know ourselves.

This is the day when we step back to see the entire picture for what it is. What we see here are a few who think they can attack the very foundation of America. We walk and work with the majority of people of all colors and faith who stand for peace and justice, who are uniting to clean up the mess and give witness to a better WAY, the way that brings new life, meaning and purpose. We believe that all life matters!

We have heard the family of George Floyd begging for the terror to stop! “He wouldn’t want this!” they tell us. We will honor the lives of victims of injustice and of those men, women and youth who have risked their life and shed their blood for freedom! We plant seeds of hope with our faith. We stand with those who have the power to guard and defend what we cherish and not let it slip away into anarchy. The very foundation of this beautiful nation, the land of the free, has been, is and will forever be our TRUST IN GOD.