Planned Giving:

Donors may consider granting a gift to the Salesian Sisters as a cash outlay now or may prefer a deferred gift for some future date, either a number of years from now or at death.
Ordinarily, bequests such as cash, life insurance policies, stocks, etc. are devoted to the purpose as indicated by the donor or, if not restricted, they can be dedicated to current funding, capital projects, and endowments. Making a planned gift through a will, estate plan, or other type of deferred gift gives donors opportunities to provide future support of the Salesian Sisters and their ministries as well as opportunities for short and long-term tax benefits. Those considering such a donation are encouraged to consult with a financial advisor, accountant or attorney about structuring charitable giving in a way that best meets your philanthropic and financial goals.

For proper identification of the Salesian Sisters in legal documents, donors are encouraged to contact the Mission Advancement Office of the Salesian Sisters Western Province at 210-431-4999 or e-mail .